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Tag: SQL server Reporting services

Reprinting invoices using printJournal

29 August, 2014 (14:12) | Dynamics AX, SSRS | By: Howard Webb

If you need to reprint a sales invoice there is a method on the CustInvoiceJour table called printJournal. Calling this method will print using the original print management destination but you can override the destination by passing in an instance of SalesInvoiceJournalPrint. Below is an example of calling it and forcing the print destination to […]

Formatting on fields within SSRS

29 September, 2013 (01:18) | Uncategorized | By: Howard Webb

SSRS pulls the formatting direct from the field’s EDT in AX, however this only works if the field is on the report table and is not a aggregate function. As such it does not really work for values that will be used in a header or footer section. There are plenty of examples of this […]