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Tag: Container

Saving and merging Infolog items for later use

29 September, 2013 (15:38) | Uncategorized | By: Howard Webb

The job below that will get Infolog items, clear them and save each one for later use. This can be of use when you need to record the Infolog for later viewing static void Job1(Args _args) { container errors; container t; int i; int length; ;   warning(“Test1”); error(“Test2”); errors = conIns(errors, 1, t);   […]

Adding to a container with += vs. ConIns()

29 September, 2013 (01:25) | Dynamics AX | By: Howard Webb

While adding data to the end of a container there can be large savings by using += rather than ConIns. Try the code below and compare the results:   static void Containertest(Args _args) { int                            ticks; Container                con; Random                  random = new Random(); int                            myrandom; int                            i; ;   //Start on […]