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Tag: Query

Using expressions in queries to make complex ranges

23 July, 2015 (15:47) | Dynamics AX | By: Howard Webb

Sometimes we cannot make a query fully represent what we want. For example OR statement can be very difficult. To achieve we can use strings to produce the range as described here. It is also worth remembering that there are a number of methods to help us build ranges, these can be found in the […]

Adding a range to the query that SalesEditLines form uses

12 June, 2015 (14:41) | Dynamics AX | By: Howard Webb

When posting an invoice, delivery note…etc. from a sales order a common form is used called SalesEditLines:     This form is quite complex and uses several framework classes to build itself and the data within it. Recently I was asked to add a new range to the query that builds the results in the […]

Counting the number of records in a query/query run

17 August, 2014 (15:53) | Dynamics AX | By: Howard Webb

Hi,   This post is more for my memory more than anything else. If you need to get the number of records returned in a query or a query run you can use the following method: SysQuery::countLoops(QueryRun)   This will return the same result as looping through the query using

Using a query with SysLookupMultiSelectCtrl

29 September, 2013 (01:21) | Dynamics AX | By: Howard Webb

If you wish to use the new SysLookupMultiSelectCtrl class there are a few construct methods out there that you can use. If you need to build one using a dynamic query object you can use this construct method, however the problem with this is that the lookup will contain all the fields in your table. […]