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Class to find missing label translations

1 July, 2020 (13:19) | Uncategorized | By: Howard Webb

I got asked to find some missing labels in a report and when I counted them the report hit well over 300 labels. Rather than comparing by hand I built the below class to find the label Ids and then compare them. It allowed me to learn using Regular Expressions: using System.IO;using OfficeOpenXml;using OfficeOpenXml.Style;using OfficeOpenXml.Table;using […]

Using the SysOperationFramework

11 January, 2016 (11:41) | Uncategorized | By: Howard Webb

As we all know that moving forward we should really be making better use of the SysOperationFramework. Having a little more time over xmas I decided to use the framework in a mod I was doing. The mod called for a new export to excel without using BIS. There is a Microsoft white paper about […]

Converting hex colour to RGB

3 December, 2015 (16:25) | Uncategorized | By: Howard Webb

Throughout Dynamics AX it mostly uses integer values as a way of storing colours. Sometimes we need to either accept in hex or return hex colour values. To do this we can use the code found below which converts a hex string into its RGB values, then in to the integer value for those RGB […]

Google maps mini-map for customers

10 October, 2013 (14:04) | Dynamics AX, Uncategorized | By: Howard Webb

I wanted to move some of the google maps work I did in AX 2009. One of the bits I did originally was to produce a mini map in the customer screen:   I decided to fit better with 2012 I have moved it to a factbox. To create a fact box first you have […]

SSRS error in AX2012 – An item with the same key has already been added

9 October, 2013 (10:13) | Uncategorized | By: Howard Webb

One of our customers have been having this issue. Microsoft say it is down to a cache issue with SSRS. Most places say that a restart of the AOS and of SRRS along with a re-deploy will fix it. I have managed to get this working with either just a SSRS restart or a clearing […]

Using AIF services

30 September, 2013 (13:46) | Uncategorized | By: Howard Webb

Here are the steps to get AIF up and running and accessible. In this example I have created an excel add-in to pull on hand information for items.   Create a port   Firstly you need to create a port to allow access to your data. There are two ways of creating a port, you […]

Using a Custom .net Control within AX 2012

30 September, 2013 (09:43) | Uncategorized | By: Howard Webb

I have developed a form using a 3rd party .net control and used this within a Dynamics Ax form in AX 2012. The control I used was the Amazing progress bar found here: To use a custom .net control firstly you will need to add the reference DLL file to all client. Adding the […]

Adding a chart to an SSRS report

30 September, 2013 (09:26) | Uncategorized | By: Howard Webb

I have added a graph to the top 100 customers report in AX2012 and it already has the percentage field on the report. I had thought that it would be just a case of referencing that field and then creating a chart. While this might be possible in the end I modified the DP class […]

Saving and merging Infolog items for later use

29 September, 2013 (15:38) | Uncategorized | By: Howard Webb

The job below that will get Infolog items, clear them and save each one for later use. This can be of use when you need to record the Infolog for later viewing static void Job1(Args _args) { container errors; container t; int i; int length; ;   warning(“Test1”); error(“Test2”); errors = conIns(errors, 1, t);   […]

Using the Outlook API to produce drafts

29 September, 2013 (15:22) | Uncategorized | By: Howard Webb

I have been playing a bit with the email process of an SSRS report in AX 2012 as a self-learning exercise. Thought it might be worthwhile to share the code I have written so far. Using real life examples of requested functionality I have changed the SalesInvoice report to:   Create an Email and save […]