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Tag: Dynamics AX 2012

Reprinting invoices using printJournal

29 August, 2014 (14:12) | Dynamics AX, SSRS | By: Howard Webb

If you need to reprint a sales invoice there is a method on the CustInvoiceJour table called printJournal. Calling this method will print using the original print management destination but you can override the destination by passing in an instance of SalesInvoiceJournalPrint. Below is an example of calling it and forcing the print destination to […]

Counting the number of records in a query/query run

17 August, 2014 (15:53) | Dynamics AX | By: Howard Webb

Hi,   This post is more for my memory more than anything else. If you need to get the number of records returned in a query or a query run you can use the following method: SysQuery::countLoops(QueryRun)   This will return the same result as looping through the query using

Printing external customer statements to multiple file names

10 June, 2014 (11:02) | Dynamics AX, SSRS | By: Howard Webb

One of our customers produce multiple PDF files for external customer statements. They wished to rename the file with the customer account number. To do this we have edited the following method:   \Classes\CustAccountStatementExtController\runPrintMgmt   I declared the following variables   To make sure that I get just the file name correctly I have used […]

Using date effective tables in a view

7 May, 2014 (14:13) | Dynamics AX | By: Howard Webb

When writing a select statement or using a query you do not have to worry about if the table is a date effective table or not, the frame work handles this for you and will as default return the record that is current. If you are using a view however you need to do a […]

Display/Edit method caching

4 March, 2014 (10:54) | Dynamics AX | By: Howard Webb

When developing a new form or a new table that will have display or edit methods we should be thinking about how costly these types of methods are. Adding lots of these methods to a form can cause a large delay in opening and refreshing as these methods are recalculated every time a refresh is […]

Drill through on SSRS reports.

28 February, 2014 (15:48) | Dynamics AX, SSRS | By: Howard Webb

Drill through links in SSRS are controlled by C# code which produces a URL that can be processed to call AX which can open a form with the appropriate record. There is a common class (DrillThroughCommonHelper) that will need to be either referenced or modified if you would like to use a lookup in Your […]

Navigation links within a SSRS report

27 February, 2014 (16:38) | Dynamics AX, SSRS | By: Howard Webb

If you are developing a larger auto-design report which groups data together it might be worth adding document navigation to the query to allow the end user to jump between sections of the report:     To do this you will need to set up grouping on your table to allow the jumping. The label […]

Google maps mini-map for customers

10 October, 2013 (14:04) | Dynamics AX, Uncategorized | By: Howard Webb

I wanted to move some of the google maps work I did in AX 2009. One of the bits I did originally was to produce a mini map in the customer screen:   I decided to fit better with 2012 I have moved it to a factbox. To create a fact box first you have […]

Using AIF services

30 September, 2013 (13:46) | Uncategorized | By: Howard Webb

Here are the steps to get AIF up and running and accessible. In this example I have created an excel add-in to pull on hand information for items.   Create a port   Firstly you need to create a port to allow access to your data. There are two ways of creating a port, you […]

Using a Custom .net Control within AX 2012

30 September, 2013 (09:43) | Uncategorized | By: Howard Webb

I have developed a form using a 3rd party .net control and used this within a Dynamics Ax form in AX 2012. The control I used was the Amazing progress bar found here: To use a custom .net control firstly you will need to add the reference DLL file to all client. Adding the […]